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METBOX makes fine trailers for fine dogs. Why? Because a good trailer is like a good dog: It will follow you everywhere.

METBOX means european style and quality. We at METBOX.info believe that every dog in the world has a right to be kept in a METBOX trailer.

So if there is no METBOX dealer near you, don't worry! We will find a way to serve you, wherever you are. We are official METBOX dealer in France, Germany, Austria and Spain. 


Take a look around (Produits), see what our trailers are like. And if you are interested in buying one, let us know. Tell us about your dogs, your preferences, the options that are important to you or any question you might have. Ask for pictures of a trailer that meets your requirements. METBOX.info is there to guide you, to work out your personalized trailer with you, to give you the guaranteed price  and to organize shipping to your country.


Of course, METBOX trailers aren't cheap. How could they? Using the best materials, axles of german quality, noble stainless steel and motivated, highly skilled staff has a price. But be assured that every METBOX trailer is worth every cent!


Always wanted a trailer for your dogs but couldn't get through the language barrier? Feel safe. METBOX.info takes care of you. We will explain step by step everything you want to know. We are dog lovers as you are, and we know what you need.


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Feel free to write us in english, french, spanish, german, italian, netherlands, portuguese, danish norsk or swedish: We will answer you within 24 h. Any other language will do, but may take some time...

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